Hardbound. 10 1/16" x 12 3/4".
96 pages, 54 tri-tone plus varnish reproductions.
Design by Fred Woodward.
Printed in Italy.
First edition, new.

DUNE: Edward
and Brett Weston

Collected in this new book, for the first time, are the iconic photographers’ most-compelling images of sand dunes. Richly and beautifully reproduced in tri-tone, the photographs transport the viewer to a world of abstraction, of light and shadow, of shape and form.

Accompanying the photographs are personal, intimate accounts of what it was like to know and travel with Edward (Charis Wilson) and Brett (John Woods), plus excerpts from correspondence between father and son, and from Edward’s daybooks.  Kurt Markus contributes a photograpers point-of-view of these two influential artists.

Dune is guaranteed to please all lovers of great photography, and will pleasantly surprise even those who have large Weston libraries.


Hardbound. 11 x 14 inches.
176 pages, 155 black &white photographs,
8 color photographs.
Published in 2000 by Wild Horse Island Press.
First edition, new, signed.


Although this acclaimed book is out of print, limited quantities are available directly from the publisher. Cowpuncher features the photographs and writing of Kurt Markus, compiled from more than 15 years of picture making in the Southwest. Of the 163 photographs exquisitely reproduced in this book, only a few have been previously published.

"Kurt Markus’ Cowpuncher is a stunner! In conception and execution it is simply the finest cowboy book ever produced and sets a lofty new standard for the genre."
– B. Byron Price, former Executive Director, Buffalo Bill Historical Center


Hardbound. 9 x 9 inches.
112 pages, 100 duotone photographs.
Original essay by Walter Kirn.
Published in 1998 by Twin Palms Publishers.
First edition, new, signed.


“In a series of intimate portraits infused with purpose, determination, and the physical and emotional struggles of intense training, Markus gives a more human face to a sport that rewards only those from its highest ranks. Far from the bright lights and stereotyped fame, these young fighters possess unrivaled dignity and grace.”
—from the Twin Palms catalog

Boxers showcases the best of Kurt’s extensive travels to gyms in New York, Ireland, Cuba, and Mexico.


Softbound. 5 x 7 inches.
Published by Rockin’ On Inc., Japan, 1994.
First edition, new, signed.


This little softbound book, only 5x7 inches, recounts a fashion sitting by Kurt Markus in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1990. The story was originally commissioned by the German edition of Elle magazine as a woman’s fashion feature.  The inspiration for the shoot was the great American artist Georgia O’Keeffe; the model Cynthia Antonio played the role of the artist. The story was so successful that the pictures later found a home in a gallery in Japan who decided to produce a small monograph to accompany the exhibit. Dreaming Georgia is the result.

In addition to the more than 40 photographs by Kurt Markus (they include landscapes and nudes as well as fashion pictures) the book has a short essay by the late Myron Wood who photographed O’Keeffe at Ghost Ranch many times. All in all, Dreaming Georgia is a unique document of a single fashion assignment.


Hardbound. 11 1/2 x 14 inches.
148 pages, 93 full-color and 24 duotone photographs.
Introduction and vignettes by Kurt Markus.
Published in 1987 by New York Graphic Society.
First edition. New, signed.
(from the photographer’s personal library)


Books about cowboys have traditionally covered the American West in general. Here, for the first time, photographer Kurt Markus explores a particular Western region in depth: the Great Basin (or “buckaroo” country) of Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and California.

In words and pictures recounting his travels, Markus presents his view of a world until now largely overlooked by historians and visual artists—one in which he has been involved for nearly ten years. Buckaroo is the remarkable result of that involvement.


Hardbound. 14 x 11 inches.
84 photographs, 96 pages.
Introduction by Kurt Markus.
Published in 1985 by Twelve Trees Press.
First edition, new, slipcased, signed.
(from the photographer’s personal library)


Kurt’s first cowboy book, now long out of print and one of the most sought-after and prized collector’s books on the market today. Published by Twelve Trees Press in 1985 to immediate acclaim, After Barbed Wire was the first book to present the cowboy genre in a new light, stripped of historical reference and cliche. With minimal text by the photographer, the images are reproduced in art-book fashion in rich sheet-fed gravure.

“The adventure has turned to obsession, and with it, subjects for the camera into friends.”
—Kurt Markus